What is the MPR made of?
ABS high quality 3/16 plastic with UV color fade built in, “non fade” material.
What equipment should I use this with?
The MPR can/should be used during any application utilizing camera lines, jetter hose, ultraviolet CIPP liners and confined space equipment, providing the ability to slide in and out of the manhole openings with ease.
How is the MPR made?
The MPR is made in Michigan through a high quality thermo-forming process.
What is included in my purchase?

When you purchase an MPR or MPR product, you will receive the number of units purchased, and a one year warranty.

Can I custom order one?
Custom orders are available; contact a sales representative for more information.
Why is it important to use a device like the MPR?
The MPR will lengthen the life of your equipment by protecting it from rough edges of manholes and keep debris from being pushed into the unprotected opening.
Is there preferred pricing if I buy more than one?
Yes, please contact a sales representative for more information.
Is it adjustable?
No, the MPR products comes in three sizes currently. We also supply an MPR 50/50 that splits in half for easy storage and diversity in applications.
Is there a warranty?
There is a one year warranty manufacture warranty when the MPR is used for camera inspection, CIPP lining installation and confined space use.
How durable is the product?
This questions varies depending usage, care, and exposure.
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