The MPR100 has paid for itself every time I’ve used it. High visibility in our industry is key, your product has it. It is durable, easy to clean and saves me money! It’s a great product.

Eric Beckman

Technical Operations Manager/Sales, Valley City Environmental Services

The MPR75/100 from H2TR has really been a revelation and a welcomed addition to our Aquatech and CUES demo trucks. Things were really starting to get crowded at the top of the manhole between the tubes, hoses, cables and poles. Being able to remove the top manhole roller from the equation really improves the visibility that our operators and customers need looking down the manhole. As well as making it easy to get equipment in and out. As an added bonus, because of the high visibility, it acts much like a safety cone to help keep people from accidentally stepping into the manhole. It is the first item on the manhole and the last thing we take off. We don’t leave the shop without it.

Scott Brown

Vice President, Brown Equipment Co., Inc.

Safety and Technical and Rescue Association (SATRA) uses the MPR100 In agricultural work and the rescue industry. There is nothing better to protect your equipment, workers and rescuers. Hands down the best piece of edge protection you can own.

George Lovell

Chief operating officer, SATRA

For manhole entries and rescues, the MPR100 is a MUST. Nothing protects personnel and equipment better.

Captain Greg Baker

East Lansing Fire Department

The MPR100 saves time with equipment setup. It protects equipment against undue wear and tear, and protects workers from the rough edges, debris and elements that build up around a manhole over time. The MPR100 is a MUST in the industry.

Barney Kimbel

Dept. of Public Works, City of East Lansing

In the camera sewer industry, the MPR100 is the only product on the market that supplies 360 degrees of protection from the rough manhole edge. This is critical for our fiber optic cables. From a safety aspect, the MPR100 provides a peace of mind due to the safety orange color that immediately attracts attention to that open manhole during sewer operations. We provide each of our customers with an MPR100 on every truck! We endorse this product!

Brandon Conley

Doheny Technical Institute Certified Instructor, Jack Doheny Companies

The MPR-100 has been such a great tool in the sewer industry. Our customers are constantly lowering nozzles on sewer hoses and lowering camera equipment with fiber optic cables into manholes. Even though these products are made tough, the MPR-100 adds instant value to our customers because it prolongs the life of their equipment. Our customers are also very focused on safety, so the bright orange is great for marking the manhole location. We love being able to provide such a great product for our customers.

Justin F. Kohl

President, Jet-Vac Equipment Company, LLC

Reline America use’s the MPR 100 as it is the only product on the market that protects the CIPP liner during installation from potential damage caused by the rough edges of the manhole casting. The safety aspect of the MPR 100, with its safety orange color, quickly identifies an open manhole, making a safer workplace for all personnel working around the manhole. In my opinion no company should install a CIPP liner without using the MPR 100.

Allen Orr

Field Support/ Equipment Manager, Reline America

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